Flipped on the radio and it’s Loan Me A Dime and talk about nostalgia, like a foggy Sunday morning in Isla Vista, or late night hippie sounds on KNAC out of Long Beach way back when. This was the ultimate long playing FM song for a while, Boz Scaggs before Low Down, still in boots and jeans and a beat up cowboy hat. It starts out slow, just this side of a dirge, but builds into a rollicking piano pumping blues, and Duane Allman laying down lick after lick of the meanest Muscle Shoals lead guitar you ever heard for several exuberant minutes. You hope it never ends. But it does, finally, after thirteen minutes, fading out with the band still rollicking and Duane Allman still on fire, and you can’t believe you were lucky enough to hear it again because almost nobody actually had the album. It was just this amazing thing you heard on the radio, and it was hippie long, long enough to smoke a whole joint to. A big bomber joint even. And if the deejay then spun Voodoo Chile or Low Spark or that long medley off Abbey Road you know he’d been out back smoking that joint. But that was nearly half a century ago. This deejay today segued (if you can call it that) into a coked out Eagles cut and ruined everything. The vibe was gone, poof, instantly. Life In the Fast Lane. What’s the opposite of nostalgia? Because that’s what this was. Memories of being stuck in the mid seventies and looking like I’d never get out.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

And I found out a long time ago/What a woman can do to your soul/Oh, but she can’t take you anyway/You don’t already know how to go….

Oh god, not Peaceful Easy Feeling. I hate this song. I mean listen to the guy, Glenn Frey or whoever, whining about what a woman can do to your soul. Oh please. He’s a rock star. The only women trouble he had was picking one. They were probably lined up from the back door of the Troubadour half a block down Santa Monica Boulevard, all looking like Joni Mitchell. And what the hell does “you don’t already know how to go” mean? It must mean something, or else they would have picked a line that wasn’t so forced rhythmically. That “already” drives me nuts. Gives the line one syllable too many. You have to sing “already” really fast to squeeze it in. Obviously, something as clumsy as “you don’t already know how to go” means something. But what I have no idea. I know, I know, maybe I should stop wasting time worrying about song lyrics. I mean it took me several years of stoned exegesis before I figured out what the hell Neil Young meant with “I been standin’ on the sound/Of some open-hearted people/goin’ down.” And I like Neil Young. Well, maybe not Heart of Gold, but Roll Another Number For the Road, I can dig it. Well used to dig it. Nowadays you roll me another number for the road and I’d never even make it out of the driveway. I’d be in the trunk communing with the spare tire. Weed’s gotten stronger and I’ve gotten older. I got a second hand buzz just watching The Harder They Come the other night. Then I got the second hand munchies and switched to the Food Channel. So maybe worrying over a line in Peaceful Easy Feeling, a song I’d rather never ever hear again, is ridiculous. Maybe it seems obsessive. But then I have real problems with the Eagles. I lived through that era. I remember being a teenager with an AM only radio in my car. I remember how Lyin’ Eyes was an hour and a half long and they played it every ten minutes. And I know that sounds impossible, but it was the seventies.