Some cat copped my shit




Drag, man, sorry you lost your shit but that shit went up somebody’s arm a long time ago. Can’t trust nobody nowadays. Cats robbing each other blind. Turn yer back for a minute and your shit is gone. I knew a cat so messed up he ripped off his own horn in the middle of his own solo. Pawned it, scored, fixed, stole another cat’s horn, pawned that, got his own horn back and finished his solo before the drummer even knew he was gone. True story, man. Anyway the cat drops out for the bass solo, nods out, wakes up in time for the drum solo. But there is no drum solo. Someone had stolen the drummer. So he grabs his horn again and gets ready to blow but nothing. The trumpeter had stolen his solo. He’s playing it like he owns the thing. Then my man looks up and sees his wife leaving with a tenor player. Shit. So he blows a solo he stole from the tenor player, and the bass player comes in, and the drummer is there again, and they take the tune back to the head, except someone stole that, so they just did a quick “Salt Peanuts” and went out to connect.

But I hope you get your shit back. How much you say it’s worth?

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