(from a scrap of paper from 1979)

Went to the Santa Monica Civic to see the Buzzcocks. Great show—with the Gang of Four and the Cramps. The Gang of Four were so angular, as we used to say, and very impressive. The sometimes annoying Marxist pedagoguery of their lyrics that mars that debut album was not obvious in a live setting. I ran into John Dentino [later of the Fibonaccis] and he was a fan, especially of “Anthrax”. The Cramps were awesome. Ivy was as incredibly sexy as Bryan Gregory was unearthly weird. Lux got his leather trousers shredded by the obxnoxious kids. The beach punk contingent was out in force that night, hundreds of them, and they took the stage during the Buzzcocks’ set for a closer view and as the band looked barely to be over five feet tall, they all blocked the view of both band and audience. Pete Shelley charmed them into submission in his best schoolmarm style—”Nah sit doon! Sit doon!” and they did, like kids at storybook time in a classroom, in a half circle at the bands feet. And the show continued.

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