Writer’s block


Damn….like another six or seven hours spent on a column.  I think it’s 800 words.  How the hell can it take me that long?  I was busy almost that entire time.  Stopped at one a.m. to let the thing incubate a half hour and do some laundry, then came back and wrote it out.  Took another 15 minute break around 3 a.m. I think to regenerate for the final push. Otherwise straight through.  It always amazes me that so much time can transpire.  I know I am a perfectionist.  Weird.  Well, I can catch five hours sleep now and get working on other stuff.

It’s a shame I do my best stuff at odd hours.

Balzac could write for 16 or more hours at a stretch, fueled only by endless cups of coffee and onanism. He would bring himself to the brink of satisfaction and then stop and use the unreleased tension to give him the edge to write and write.

I have not tried his method myself.

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