Dwight Trible

Had my mind blown by an open air Dwight Trible set yesterday afternoon (on Saturday, April 30) in Leimert Park. Trevor Ware on bass. Theo Saunders on piano. Yow. Apparently there will be another open air Dwight Trible set next weekend also in Leimert Park (and also absolutely free, money wise). Will keep you posted. Every time I see him perform I think that Dwight Trible is maybe the greatest thing in jazz at this moment, and has been for many moments so far, and yet so few seem to realize it. Next week add in Justo Almario on tenor, and there will be a point where your mind will sizzle past the point of no return.

Leimert Park is gorgeous, and cool and amiably funky, a hipness as yet unhipsterized, where people wear Eric Dolphy tee shirts because they actually knew Eric Dolphy, and kids in dreads do the Big Apple. Dwight soars above it, meanders through it, grooves inside it. I could hear him two blocks away as I drove up. I walked in, said hey to a pal and was nearly run down by Barbara Morrison in her souped up motorized wheel chair. I love the place. Seen so much incredible jazz down there over the years. Ordinarily jazz in LA comes in tiny confined spaces, like Charlie O’s or the Blue Whale or the World Stage or the four tables in front of the stage at JAX, rest in peace. But in Leimert Park it can cover entire city blocks, audible blocks away. It’s in the air, in the streets, in the bones.

So next week, Dwight Trible in Leimert Park. Details anon. Be there.

Dwight Trible

Dwight Trible (I believe from a London gig, unknown photographer.)

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