Time Has Come Today

Trying to encourage flashbacks, I listened to Time Has Come Today–the long version–fourteen times in a row on YouTube this morning. I discovered three things. First, flashbacks don’t come easily, not like on TV. I also learned that Nexium 24 Hour–the little purple pill–is the latest choice for frequent heartburn.  And finally, I discovered that Brian Keenan was a monster drummer back in 1967. No idea who else he played with after the Chambers Brothers, if anybody. He sure rocked on this cut, though. Tore it up. Erupted almost. Happening. Far out. I don’t know if it was the brown acid or the little purple pills, but things were getting strange. About the seventh or eighth listen a naked hippie chick beckoned to me from the corner, but it was only the table lamp. We danced anyway. By the tenth listen I was air drumming like a madman. By the twelfth listen the time had like so come today it blew my mind. The thirteenth was even heavier. On the fourteenth listen my wife asked me what the hell I was doing. I said I was listening to Brian Keenan play the drums. She asked if I had to listen a hundred times in a row. I said it was only fourteen times. She said there won’t be a fifteenth.

So I switched to sulking. Wikipedia is excellent for sulking. Turns out in his earlier days Brian Keenan had played Doo Wah Diddy Diddy with Manfred Mann, a song I truly detest. But that was about it. Then he was a Chambers Brother until ’71 when management and other things got weird. And he died way back in the 80’s. Heart attack. A shame. So Brian Keenan wailed on the traps for the Chambers Brothers but who was he? I run into Willie Chambers on occasion at our local House of Pies (on Vermont at Franklin, or vice versa) and will have to ask him about this cat. He’s a helluva story teller, that Willie Chambers. Musicians generally are. I’ll also ask him if all the people making bad psychedelic videos for the Time Has Come Today make him nervous. They do me. Or maybe that’s just a flashback. That purple pill again. I knew I shouldn’t have dropped three. I have so little acid reflux I’m unbalancing the universe. Now the time has come. Oh there ain’t no life nowhere. I’ll go down to the sea shore and let the waves wash my mind. Break china laughing laughing laughing. Whose baby does the hanky panky? If that cat don’t stop it, man.

It’s a peninsula.

 Time Has Come Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ea_bpzJWZfw

Chambers Brothers

The Chambers Brothers, Brian Keenan–they called him Curly–on the left.

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