Tony Sheen

Oh wow.

Loved this guy, one of the most amazing I’ve ever met in my life filled with characters. He really stood out. I tell Tony Sheen stories all the time still. Tony the jazz pianist stories. Tony the jazz fan stories. Tony the mail man smoking a joint with John Lennon. Just last night we were wondering if he’d make the Dwight Trible gig at LACMA. He didn’t. I wasn’t really expecting him. It’s been a couple years since you’d see Tony at every jazz gig around town. A couple years since he’d been to a party here. A year or two since I heard his voice, it’s be bop cadence, his comping behind others telling their stories. Been a long time I listened to his stories, hanging on every word no matter how ridiculous they could get. A long time. So I told his stories for him, his laughter filling the air in his absence.

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