Game of Thrones

She asked what I was doing tonight. Just gonna hang, I said, start a couple projects I’ve been planning and watch some hockey. So you’re one of those people, she said. Those people? Yeah, one of those people who make sure everyone knows you don’t watch Game of Thrones. Is that on tonight? Don’t patronize me, she said. Sorry, I said. So you’re going to watch it? But I’ve never watched it. There you go again, she said.


One thought on “Game of Thrones

  1. I commented on this some days ago, but I guess I forgot to post it. Anyway, I have noticed that in this modern culture of far more entertainment than anyone could possibly absorb, with choices beyond imagining, things that are popular have become so overwhelmingly dominant that they seem mandatory. I remember some years ago a random group of people I was with were asked what books they were reading. Every one, without exception, said The Da Vinci Code. It’s gotten even worse in recent times, with the assumption that everyone will read Harry Potter or Twilight or Fifty Shades of Gray, or, yes, watch Game of Thrones. Never have I felt so much out of the loop, and it’s a good feeling.


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