Game of Thrones

She asked what I was doing tonight. Just gonna hang, I said, start a couple projects I’ve been planning and watch some hockey. So you’re one of those people, she said. Those people? Yeah, one of those people who make sure everyone knows you don’t watch Game of Thrones. Is that on tonight? Don’t patronize me, she said. Sorry, I said. So you’re going to watch it? But I’ve never watched it. There you go again, she said.

One thought on “Game of Thrones

  1. I have noticed this seemingly paradoxical trend lately, where there is an Alvin Toffler/Future Shock amount of entertainment available — far more than anyone could possibly absorb, even if they had 100% leisure time and nothing else to do — but certain things are treated as if they are nearly mandatory. This hit me hard some years ago, when we were with some group of random people or other — I forget why — and they were all asked what they were currently reading. Every single one, without exception, said “The Da Vinci Code.” Mind you, this was in Bible Belt Chattanooga, and I guarantee you not a single person there was going to be happy about Dan Brown’s goofy revisionism of the Christ myth. Maybe about the same time people at my old workplace told me I had to read the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series. It makes me feel even more eccentric than I thought I was when I’m usually reading novels from the 1980’s and earlier. We cut off our TV service quite a while ago when it became worthless except for Turner Classic Movies (and TCM stop listing the oddball stuff they run in the middle of the night in their guide, so we couldn’t even enjoy that), but we still have a DVD player. So what have we been watching instead of the mandatory stuff? The Addams Family, Get Smart, other ridiculous stuff from long ago. It feels good not to be part of the feeding frenzy of best sellers/hit TV series.


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