Yawning Man

A Yawning Man cd from 2010. Nomadic Pursuits. Been seeing these guys forever, but where the first time I can’t remember, or if it was in LA or out in the desert. I remember a show once at a transmission shop in Cathedral City a long time ago. I’d never seen such a clean transmission shop, even the grease pit sparkled. You could eat off the floor. We probably did. Yawning Man played, and Fatso Jetson, and the desert rock vibes were loud and heavy and stoned and pulsating, hypnotic even, the melodies blowing over the creosote, drifting on the prevailing groove. Herb, thick and resinous, permeated everything, and we drank beer from twelve packs and stayed way too late and then drove home, past the turbines and the dinosaurs and the inky black mountains till the lights of the San Bernardino Valley spilled out before us, with the ocean only an hour away.

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