Today’s super market review, from an email written on the first rush of the morning’s caffeine and before the seizure meds kicked in:

Also, Sprouts. You ought to check one out sometime. Sort of a cross between Gelson’s and Trader Joes, sort of, and maybe of Whole Foods without all that asshole Wholefoodsiness and obnoxious prices. Our favorite is the one up on Foothill in La Cañada, but that’s probably because the 2 Freeway is kind of like a ride at Disneyland, you go up and up and there’s all these great views and it’s still kinda new and magically freewayish and you get on the 210 for a minute which is LA’s most exotic freeway skirting the mountains as it does (no mountain range in the world rises as dramatically as the San Berdoos, from just above sea level to over ten thousand feet in an instant, rising almost like The Monolith Monsters, forced skyward by the fearsome pushing and scraping of two continental plates trying to pass by each other like two big men in a small hallway) and La Cañada has pine trees and is cooler temperaturistically than us (and drier) and almost looks not real it’s so new and clean. It’s the altitude, just enough to put it in a whole other ecosystem. Different flowers, different trees, different birdsongs. Plus the people are nice and there’s an unusually high babe content for a fucking grocery store.

One thought on “Sprouts

  1. Took a trip to the Nashville area recently to get a duplicate key for our new (used) Smart car (which was a nightmare, requiring three trips) and happened to pass a Sprouts. Stopped in to grab a few things on the shopping list. It seemed pretty decent. I agree that Whole Foods is obnoxious (and the one in Chattanooga has really horrible traffic flow; you have to go past the produce and then the cashiers to get to the other stuff, then back to the cashiers, then back through the produce; all I can see this does is slow people down and make it easier to shoplift.) But it’s by far the most convenient place to buy food. For produce I prefer Fresh Market, for “natural” stuff I prefer Earth Fare (out of our limited choices.)


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