Nor was Monty Wooley

(Facebook post around Christmas 2015 regarding a photo posted by John Altman.)

I believe, and in keeping with the season, batsman Rona Anderson was the fiancée that Alistair Sim spurned for greed in that anti-capitalist epic Scrooge. Funny how the great American Christmas movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, is also anti-capitalist (and blatantly redistributionist). Perhaps it’s a running theme in classic old Christmas films, from Scrooge to Meet John Doe, The Man Who Came to Dinner, It Happened on Fifth Avenue, Holiday Affair, Miracle on 34th Street and of course It’s A Wonderful Life. But then Donna Reed was never photographed playing baseball with the Yankees in short shorts. Nor was Monty Woolley. Though if there’s a point here I’ve already forgotten it.


Batsman Rona Anderson in standard WW2 cricket wear.

2 thoughts on “Nor was Monty Wooley

  1. Have always loved the Monty Woolley story (and the bitchin’ tune he helped name—and here I’ll recall the details haphazardly): Cole Porter and some lady and Monty Wooley sitting around in cravats in one or another Riviera, on a terrace or maybe a transatlantic cruise but I don’t think so. They’re clutching cocktails, buzzed and jawboning about what a moment they’re having. Cole – “It’s delicious!” Lady: “It’s delightful!” Monty: It’s delovely!” They all laugh and Porter commits it to memory, later writing a tune whose preamble includes the lines

    This verse I’ve started seems to me the Tin Pan-tithesis of melody…

    and whose impeccable coverage by Sarah Vaughan should’ve gone up on the Voyager with da Vinci’s vitruvian man and the golden LP. As for Ms. Anderson — I cant believe those guys didn’t faint or hormonally seize up around her cricket hot pants. Though a few of them are featuring “Monsters from the Id” hand gestures, etc.


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