Jon Wahl & the Amadans and Beethoven and Nick Drake and Moby Grape and e e cummings

My bro Jon’s over at the pad now, listening to the test pressing of his new record. It’s an EP, five songs, on some very nice vinyl. Calls it The Angst Blues of Jon Wahl & the Amadans.  I think it’s the best he’s ever done. Certainly knocked me out. Magnificent stuff, state of the art, lots of improv but never just a rock band fucking around. It’s a three piece recorded like a classic Blue Note session (with a bit of overdubbed guitar). That’s Jon’s long time drummer Bob Lee (of Claw Hammer) and Bill Tutton (of the legendary Geraldine Fibbers) on bass. Loud beautiful edgy swinging rocking strange righteous grooving walloping stuff. And dig that crazy Telecaster. Jon’s still a killer songwriter as well as player, with an ear for melody but never simpering powerpop shit or hokey rock’n’roll will never die crap. Not my brother. Can’t wait till it comes out.

And if that is a Nick Drake cover–“Pink Moon”–Nick Drake would  never recognize it. He’d probably love it, though. And Jon swears that the intro to “Her Eyes Are Like Perhaps a Gem” is Beethoven’s string quartet Grosse Fugue, Opus 133. I couldn’t tell. But he says people do, live. People are so smart anymore. I did pick up on the Moby Grape licks, though. But then I turned him onto that album a zillion years ago. Older brothers, you know. But I didn’t know that “Her Eyes Are Like Perhaps a Gem” is an e e cummings reference. Little brothers are so smart anymore.

Anyway, this will be coming out on Elastic Records and will be vinyl only and the initial run is 500 copies so when it hits the stores the middle of March be there. You are gonna play this one to death.

Jon Wahl

Jon Wahl



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