No Way To Treat a Lady

No Way To Treat a Lady, a real obscure little gem, New York City in the sixties, breezy and psychotic simultaneously, George Segal terrific, Lee Remick radiant, and Rod Steiger as Rod Steiger as even Rod Steiger could be, careening off the script like a saxophonist mid solo, his spontaneous take on a psycho killer doing a truly disturbing WC Fields impression being the height of something or other. Great Michael Dunn scene as well, and there is not a role no matter how minor that isn’t a razor sharp little chararacter study. It’s been popping up on some of the more obscure digital channels lately, passed off as film noir, which it ain’t really, rather it’s one of those sixties flicks mixing murder and laffs and romance that usually haven’t aged well, but this one has. Ciao! Ciao! Ciao! Ciao Bambino! howls Steiger into the phone, the script blown to the winds.

No Way to Treat a Lady

One thought on “No Way To Treat a Lady

  1. Yeah, nifty little film. Hard to imagine you could have a light-hearted film about a serial killer that manages to be in good taste.


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