Whole Foods

When Gelson’s had their grand re-opening (they had been a Mayfair) in Silver Lake a decade or so ago, they had all kinds of free stuff…I remember we stopped in on our way out to eat and wound up eating so many free samples we just went back home to digest. Yesterday the Whole Foods (née Ralphs née Hughes née Market Basket) had their parking lot fair to announce their brand new Silver Lake store and they one upped Gelson’s with food trucks. Yup, food trucks. Why provide free eats when suckers will flock to your event and buy their own? OK, they were giving away potato chips, different colored potato chips even, and you could spin the wheel to see if you could win a whole bag of different colored potato chips. My wife said there was a very long line to spin that wheel. They used to have soup lines in this country. Now it’s spin the wheel.

One thought on “Whole Foods

  1. I wind up going to Whole Foods a lot because it is, by far, the most convenient grocery store on my way to work. Everything about the place annoys me — the way they are trying to eliminate lots of other products so they can fill the shelves with their own “365” brand, the physical layout which forces me to go into the middle of the store to pay, the fact that the quality of their produce isn’t very good — but convenience triumphs over all. A place called Harvest just closed down, so that leaves Fresh Market (very good produce, and they play classical music) and Earth Fare. (Yes, we’re grocery store snobs — the regular grocery stores don’t have the stuff we want.)


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