Suggested for me by Google

The 5 Star Jazz Band with Elvis impersonator Ben Johnson will be playing Coleman Hawkins Park in St. Joseph, Missouri this July 31. Coleman Hawkins, who I confess to idolizing somewhat, was born in St. Joseph a very long time ago. Someday I will visit the town just to go the park. But not this year. However, if you are in St Joseph this July 31, please let me know if the Elvis impersonator is actually performing with the jazz band, as the announcement on the Google News page was unclear.

Incidentally, this was the one of the four news items Google nicely suggested for me. Hillary Clinton discussing terrorism, Ann Coulter disparaging Jews, ISIS destroying Libya and an Elvis impersonator in Coleman Hawkins Park.

This didn’t happen before the internet.


But this happened before the internet–Coleman Hawkins with Sonny Rollins. Paul Bley on piano too.


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