Out on the sidewalk


Last nite we got invited to some Brazilian party at a hip club in Santa Monica.  Some kind of press event. We got there late but they’d pushed back the start time so the bouncer made us wait back outside on the sidewalk. OK. Later the publicist throwing the party told us and some others out on  the sidewalk to come on in. Within minutes the bouncer saw us and we were outside again. So we hung around on the sidewalk again.  About 15 minutes later the booker was back at the door and said you still out here? and ushered us in again. The bouncer kicked us out again. Enough. We split. Later that night got a bitchy note from the publicist’s assistant about not showing up.

The place never did made it into Brick’s Picks again. They asked, but somehow they always wound up outside on the sidewalk..

The sidewalk. The benches were nice.

The sidewalk. The benches were nice.

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