It was the Silver Lake Ralphs’ last day. I went to the produce dept. All that remained were two bags of rutabagas. I don’t remember ever seeing rutabagas at this Ralphs. Not even before Thanksgiving, when I needed them. Now this is all the produce they had, two plastic bags’ worth of rutabagas. So I bought them. I love rutabagas. Someone has too. It was the last thing I ever bought at that store, rutabagas. I’d been shopping there for thirty years, first as a Hughes, then as a Ralphs, huge carts fill of groceries, and now there I am with nothing but rutabagas. There has to be a moral in that somewhere.

I actually was looking for eggs, however. You can’t hard boil a rutabaga. Not even Whole Foods will hard boil a rutabaga. It’s going to be a weird Easter.


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