My wife spent $14 at Nordstrom

My wife went to Nordstrom yesterday, bought a nice blouse and a some earrings–costume earrings, yes, but very attractive–and somehow spent $14. As in fourteen dollars.  I didn’t even know it was physically possible to spend $14 at Nordstrom. I didn’t think the cash registers went below $100. I once looked at silk handkerchiefs there until I saw they were $105. Each. Those must be some silkworms. They can probably talk. Sears had silk handkerchiefs for five bucks, like you can tell the difference? A piece of colored silk jammed in the breast pocket is a piece of colored silk jammed in the breast pocket. But my wife spent $14 at Nordstrom. The fools sent her a $20 discount certificate and she finds $34 worth of stuff. Hell, I didn’t even know they had anything for $34 dollars in Nordstrom–two things at that. At first I thought she went to J.C. Penney’s. Everything in Penney’s cost $14. Or ought to. But my wife had the Nordstrom sales slip. It said right on it: $14. As in fourteen dollars. So I figure someone must have bought the blouse and earrings for $14 at Penney’s but decided to return them and so returned them to Nordstrom . It’s much easier that way. Nordstrom will take anything. The story goes a lady took a set of tires back to Nordstrom to get her money back. Nordstrom doesn’t sell tires. But the lady insisted that she bought them there. So they refunded her the money. They not only refunded her the money but bought her lunch in the cafe and let talk to the silkworms. Now that’s what I call customer service.

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