When we go to the Super King on San Fernando Road, not far from us, I’ll pick up a couple bunches of every kind of greens they have. All of them. Turnip greens. Dandelion greens. Collard greens. You name it. We love greens and could eat them every day. And Super King must have ten varieties. Each packed with nutrition.

Well, I pick up every kind but one. I really don’t care for kale. It’s bitter, for one thing, the only green I know of that is bitter. And it’s hard to chew, for another, the only kind I know of that is hard to chew. It has no more nutrition in than any other green, I checked. When I found that out I stopped buying it for good.

So why the hell is it so popular? And why so hip? Why did someone decide the least palatable of greens is the one that everyone on the westside with too much money insists be on their plate? I mean what is wrong with those people? Haven’t they even eaten dandelion greens or collard greens before?

Well, no they haven’t. They have never been poor. I guess kale is the green that separates the people with money from the people eating collard greens.

Besides, kale is gluten free.

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