Bill Direen

Let’s Play by the Builders. One of the greatest LPs you have never heard. I have a mess of greatest albums you’ve never heard, but this might be the greatest. It’s a Bill Direen project, a New Zealander you might have heard of. Maybe. What does it sound like? Vaguely sorta kinda Talking Heads, but coincidentally I’m sure, with its spare, minimal, slightly funky vibe. It’s deeper, though, more out there. It showed up in the mail circa 1987 when we still lived on Edgecliffe–perhaps you partied there once or twice (a week)–and I’ve been playing side one ever since. That’s nearly three decades of playingness and yet I’m blown away every time I play it, still. One of those. Kind of like Bob Moses Visit With the Great Spirit or Essential Logic’s Beat Rhythm News or the Airplane’s After Bathing at Baxters or S.H. Draumur’s Bless or Marlui Miranda’s Todos Os Sons or way too many jazz albums. Like that. If you’ve been that first guest at any of our parties, you’ve heard it. It has inaugurated every party we’ve every thrown, all zillion of them. Let’s play indeed.

Anyway, find it. You won’t be able to, but it’s worth it. Sometimes the hopeless quests are the best.

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