Cuban Festival 2006

(An email, I think, 2006.)

Groovy times in Echo Parque this Sunday. I know the bum promoters cancelled it at the last second last year and there was nada and I mean nada happening down there but some sleepy ducks and sleepier fishermen, but this year it’s new promoters who seem to have their act together and it’s a go. With a killer line-up and drum circles and salsa dancing and cuban food and Jose Marti in bronze and smuggled-in rum and Silver Lake nuevo-hipster heuros in Che shirts and half-crazed old Bay of Pigs veteranos wanting to kill them and brutally strong expresso and white cake so light it floats above the plate and and cigars and gorgeous women with legs up to aqui smoking cigars and annoying little yuppie nerds in KCRW tees complaining about gorgeous women smoking cigars and getting laughed at and pochos in straw hats looking like a pocho in a straw hat and everything. Todo. And it’s free. Gratis. No deniero. Cheap. Easy. Havana good time.

Street parking or easier but paid lot parking scattered about the fringes. You know the drill.

See ya there?

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