You had no idea you could get there that way.

(February 2015)

Went down to this. Benn on tenor, mostly, plus soprano and flute, with Rick Olson on piano. The energy, heaviness, power and pure jazz made by those two players would have drowned out many a jazz quartet. Rick’s got that Monkish stride and is a natural bass player on the keys, he never once drifted into the flowers or floated, prettily. Not that he can’t, it’s just this night he was the entire rhythm section, plenty of muscle. And Benn is like that incredible saxophonist I used to see at Charlie O’s or on crazy nights at Jax, but even better. You spend half your waking life practicing and you never do plateau, just get better and better, doing new things. Sometimes soloing is like exploring an empty house, looking into dark rooms, flipping on the switch and illuminating all they hold. There’s always another door on the other see waiting to be opened. Three sets of Benn Clatworthy, the bell of his horn two feet away, and you go into a lot of rooms you never even knew were there, even if you’re traipsed through that tune a hundred times. They’re not always pretty, those rooms, but you’ve never seen them before, and Benn always brings you safely back to the head of the tune. It’s just that you had no idea you could get there that way.

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