Jack Benny

Jack Benny was some act, man. He walks out on stage to applause and immediately begins insulting the audience. Goes into a weird riff that winds up with him claiming that he lets seals in for free because they applaud so well. The audience applauds. Jack thanks the seals. Then he introduces a character named Finque (“that’s Fin Kay in French”) played by Mel Blanc who begins insulting Jack Benny and doing weird animal impressions. Then out comes Don Wilson in tux and tails and top hat and Jack makes fat jokes. Don Wilson brings out his son Harlow (played by the brilliant Dale White) and Jack makes more fat jokes. Jack dislikes Harlow. Harlow dislikes Jack. Don and Harlow do the old Ted Heath number “Me and My Shadow”. Jack makes a fat joke and accidentally busts the windowpane that had been surgically installed in Harlow’s stomach for an aspirin commercial. Don gives Jack an evil look and leads Harlow offstage. Next up is Louie Nye as part of a bizarre acrobatic shooting act.  Louie shoots the acrobat. End of act. Then up comes an old lady hot jazz band  (the Sentimental Sweethearts) who seriously tear it up on Sweet Georgia Brown. Jack is out front on fiddle. Trumpeter blows hot. Weird bass solo. Zany antics. Jazz could be really funny back then. Imagine that. The ladies make their exit. The audience applauds. Jack thanks the seals.

Jack Benny with dog

Jack Benny with dog

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